Thursday, 29 September 2011

Planning: Semiotic Analysis of Prodigy Album Cover

Denotation: The main image on the front depicts a face which is frozen in mid-scream. It is questionable whether it is a mask or a real person. The typography for “Prodigy” seems to be bent and almost 3D like whilst also in black and white. The overall colour scheme of the whole album is gritty with a lack of bright colours. On the back, there are photos of the band and a track list beside which seems simplistic and common for an album cover.

Connotation: This album overall connotes horror and terror. The main photograph clearly depicts a person either in extreme pain or full of rage. This would indicate that The Prodigy’s music is both intense and absorbing whilst also making you feel emotion. This is similar connotations to that of the 3D text which makes it seem that it is coming right out at you and you have nowhere to hide. The gritty colour scheme connotes a lack of hope and a world of terror due to the fact that there are no bright colours which could symbolise hope. The fact that it is unclear whether it is a mask or an actual person also connotes a sense of the unknown which further creates a sense of fear and horror; theme which we would like to portray in both our ancillary text and music video.


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